A la Carte

A la carte menu is available Monday to Sunday from 12pm


Wrights Anglers Rest, serving great Irish food since 1865.


Wrights Anglers Rest boasts an a la carte / dinner menu that reflects a commitment to Farm to Fork produce and a celebration of traditional Irish food and hospitality.

Nestled in a picturesque Strawberry Beds, the menu at Wright’s Anglers Rest showcases a fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes. Seafood lovers are treated to the classics such as Wrights Smoked Salmon, prepared with precision to enhance the natural flavors.

Expertly prepared steaks, sourced from local farms, are a testament to Wrights Anglers Rest commitment to supporting the community while providing a hearty and satisfying option for meat enthusiasts. Vegetarian offerings are also abundant, featuring innovative dishes that transform fresh, seasonal produce into culinary masterpieces.

The dinner menu at Wrights Anglers Rest is curated to cater to a all of our guests, ensuring that everyone finds a dish that resonates with their taste preferences. Whether one prefers classic comfort food or desires to explore more adventurous culinary territories, the menu offers a wide range of options.

Moreover, Wrights Anglers Rest commitment to sustainability is reflected in the thoughtfully selected ingredients and the efforts to minimize the carbon footprint. The wine list complements the menu, featuring a diverse selection that enhances the overall dining experience.

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Book a table and enjoy a meal in the beautiful surroundings of Wrights Anglers Rest, nestled in the hills of Strawberry Beds. We are a much-loved destination by locals and tourists alike. We look forward to seeing you soon!